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An STC Rider's Passion for Community Service

Ms. Marchell Makes & Donates Masks Among a Lifetime of Service

Released: 1/1/2021

Ms. Marchell
Masks by Ms. Marchell.
Masks by Ms. Marchell.

"I thank God I am breathing." Gratitude helps Ms. Marchelle to keep going through this era of the COVID pandemic. It is that gratitude that has led Ms. Marchelle to want to do something to help others get through it. That is when she joined the many people who make masks for front-line workers.

Marchelle worked her entire career in the service of others. She spent her years before retirement as a Social Worker for the State serving those with Disabilities and Mental health challenges.

Concern and great care for the health of recipients of the masks is seen by the steps Ms. Marchelle takes making the masks. "I wear a mask when I make masks, and I also wear gloves, so that the material remains clean."

When people come into her home, the first thing she asks them to do is to wash their hands. When they leave Marchelle disinfects everything they touched and then some. "This past week I had an electrician come into my home to do some work on a dining-room light. I told him, 'I hope you're not offended but could you wash your hands when you come in?' After he left, I had the Pine-sol and bleach so strong in my home from cleaning, I had to open a window."

Marchelle only goes out when absolutely necessary. She suffers from undermining ailments that she reasons might kill her if she gets COVID.

Who are the recipients of Ms. Marchelle's masks? "I started with giving them out to my neighbors; people walking down the street."Marchelle makes them for workers at the grocery store, she donated them to frontline workers at University Hospital, as well as family and friends. Her gift of preventive health care extended to STC drivers, and that is how we were able to meet her.

"I've ridden with STC for a couple of years now. I feel proud and happy that we have their service to help us, seniors maintain a normal lifestyle."

What motivates Ms. Marchelle'? "I love people. I want to do anything I can to help even if I have to sacrifice personal finances to do so."

Ms. Marchelle says there isn't a person who is a stranger to her. She makes a point of speaking respectfully to everyone that crosses her paths. So if you see Ms. Marchelle out and about, do not hesitate to walk up to her and say hello. You might find yourself a recipient of one of her beautifully made health masks.

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