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Senior News and Resources for April 2021

Released: 4/1/2021

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Resources to meet the needs of older adults, their families, caregivers and other service providers within the community, health and elder care network.

 1.)  Seniors Seeking Vaccines Have a Problem: They Can't Use the Internet

Older adults living alone often lack access or an understanding of technology, and many are unsure how to sign up for an appointment. Learn more:

 2.)  'A Lot of Frustration': Online Vaccine Scheduling Process is Challenging for Seniors, Those Who Help Them

With no computers, devices, or in some cases internet access, eligible Ohioans are struggling to make vaccine appointments online. Learn more:

 3.)  Exciting New Technology for People With Low Vision or Blindness

Innovative devices help those with sight-stealing eye conditions to navigate the world. Learn more:

 4.)  Ohio's Strategic Plan on Aging

In early March 2021 Ursel J. McElroy, director of the Ohio Department of Aging, released Ohio's Strategic Action Plan on Aging (SAPA). The goals of the SAPA are that all Ohioans live longer, healthier lives with dignity and autonomy and that disparities and inequities among older Ohioans are eliminated. The SAPA prioritizes 15 issues to improve the lives of all older Ohioans. It then provides a menu of evidence-informed strategies to be implemented at the state and local levels to improve outcomes.. Learn more:

 5.)  Cuyahoga County Commits $1 Million of Federal Funding for Legal Assistance to Tenants

$1 million in federal funding for legal representation for suburban renters facing eviction due to lost income from COVID-19 will be administered by The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland. Learn more:

 6.)  Can I Get The Vaccine? Ohio Department of Health Eligibility and Appointment Tool

Use this tool to find out if you are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and to book your appointment. Learn more:

 7.)  Governor DeWine and FEMA Announce Mass Vaccination Clinic at CSU's Wolstein Center

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has announced that an eight-week mass vaccination clinic with the capacity to administer 6,000 COVID-19 vaccines a day will open in Cleveland this month with support from the Biden administration and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Learn more:

 8.)  Federal Money to Help Clean Air at Ohio Senior Facilities

Ohio is prepared to spend $28 million in federal funds to help senior citizen facilities provide cleaner air in an effort to control the spread of the coronavirus. Learn more:

 9.)  Today's Medical Advancements Treat the Aging Brain, Offering Active, Independent Lifestyle and Redefining Retirement Era

Spawning the longevity movement are societal concerns associated with a population in which older people outnumber the young - a historical first, projected for 2025 in the U.S., when seniors (65 million) will surpass children age 13 and under (58 million). Learn more:

 10.)  Growing Old is Mandatory, Growing Up is Optional

This a lovely story about a senior citizen college student. Her message "Growing Old is Mandatory, Growing Up is Optional" is a special one. If we're lucky, we'll reach a ripe old age like her. Learn more:

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